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Galvanized Angle

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Galvanized angles are structural steel angles coated with a protective layer of zinc to prevent rust and corrosion. The galvanization process involves dipping the steel into a molten zinc bath, which forms a barrier that is highly resistant to moisture and environmental wear. This process not only extends the lifespan of the steel angles but also enhances their durability, making them an ideal choice for projects in harsh or outdoor environments where exposure to elements is a concern. The zinc coating provides sacrificial protection, meaning it will corrode in place of the steel, thereby maintaining the structural integrity of the angle for a longer period. Using rolled steel angle ensures lower maintenance costs and longer service life, which are critical factors in infrastructure projects, industrial applications, and any construction requiring robust and durable materials.

Ferrite Structural Steels Pvt. Ltd. is a leading supplier and exporter of high-quality steel products, including galvanized angles, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Ferrite offers products that adhere to the highest standards of quality and performance. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and stringent quality controls ensure that each product delivers on durability and reliability, making us a trusted partner in the steel industry. Whether you are undertaking a small project or a major construction, Ferrite Structural Steels provides the expertise and resources to meet your steel requirements effectively and efficiently.

Galvanized Angle Specification

Product Name Galvanized Angles
Brand Ferrite Structural Steels Pvt. Ltd.
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Ton
Material Mild Steel
Galvanization Standard ASTM A123, ISO 1461, or equivalent
Available Sizes Custom sizes ranging from 25 x 25 x 3 mm to 90 x 90 x 6 mm
Thickness Typically, from 3 mm to 12 mm (customizable)
Length Standard lengths of 6 m, 12 m, or customized
Finish Hot-dip galvanized for superior corrosion resistance
Applications Infrastructure, construction, industrial, agricultural, and telecommunications structures

Galvanized Angle Size Chart

Size in mm Average Weight KG/MTR KG/FT
25 x 25 x 3 1.10 0.30
25 x 25 x 4.5 1.60 0.49
25 x 25 x 5 1.80 0.50
25 x 25 x 6 2.10 0.60
30 x 30 x 3 1.40 0.40
35 x 35 x 3 1.60 0.50
35 x 35 x 4 2.10 0.60
35 x 35 x 5 2.60 0.80
37 x 37 x 3 1.70 0.50
40 x 40 x 3 1.80 0.055
40 x 40 x 4 2.40 0.70
40 x 40 x 5 3.00 0.90
40 x 40 x 6 3.50 1.10
45 x 45 x 4 2.70 0.80
45 x 45 x 5 3.40 1.00
45 x 45 x 6 4.00 1.22
50 x 50 x 3 2.30 0.70
50 x 50 x 4 3.00 0.90
55 x 55 x 4 3.30 1.00
55 x 55 x 5 4.10 1.30
60 x 60 x 4 3.70 1.10
60 x 60 x 5 4.50 1.40
60 x 60 x 6 5.40 1.64
65 x 65 x 4 4.00 1.20
65 x 65 x 5 4.90 1.50
65 x 65 x 6 5.80 1.80
65 x 65 x 8 7.70 2.40
65 x 65 x 10 9.40 2.90
65 x 65 x 12 11.80 3.60
70 x 70 x 7 7.38 2.25
75 x 75 x 5 5.70 1.70
75 x 75 x 6 6.80 2.10
75 x 75 x 8 8.90 2.70
75 x 75 x 10 11.0 3.40
75 x 75 x 12 13.1 4.00
80 x 80 x 6 7.20 2.19
80 x 80 x 7 7.90 2.90
80 x 80 x 8 9.60 2.90
90 x 90 x 6 8.20 2.50


Important Features and Benefits

  1. Superior Corrosion Resistance:
    • The zinc coating on galvanized angles provides exceptional protection against corrosion, significantly extending the life of the structures they’re used in, especially in outdoor or corrosive environments.
  2. Enhanced Durability:
    • Galvanization enhances the durability of the steel angles, protecting them from the deteriorating effects of rain, humidity, and chemicals. This makes them ideal for use in industrial applications and infrastructure projects.
  3. Low Maintenance:
    • The protective zinc coating reduces the need for frequent maintenance and repairs that are typically required for uncoated steel, leading to long-term cost savings on upkeep.
  4. Cost-Effective:
    • Despite the initial higher cost compared to non-galvanized steel, galvanized angles are more economical over the long term due to their extended durability and lower maintenance requirements.
  5. Environmentally Friendly:
    • Steel is a fully recyclable material, and the galvanization process does not hinder the recyclability of steel. This makes galvanized angles a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious projects.
  6. Easy to Inspect:
    • The quality of the galvanization is visually verifiable, making it easy to inspect and ensure consistent protection across all parts of the angle.
  7. Quick Installation:
    • Galvanized angles are ready to use immediately after galvanization with no further preparation needed, which speeds up construction and installation processes.

These features and benefits highlight why galvanized angles are a preferred choice in many construction and industrial applications, offering a perfect blend of durability, cost-efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

Applications of Galvanized Angles

  1. Infrastructure Projects:
    • Bridges and Highways: Used in the construction of bridges and highway guardrails where durability and resistance to environmental elements are crucial.
    • Transport Infrastructure: Ideal for railway track supports, airport structures, and signposts due to their corrosion resistance and structural integrity.
  2. Construction:
    • Building Frameworks: Commonly used in the structural framing of commercial and residential buildings for added longevity and protection against weathering.
    • Roofing and Support Beams: Provides robust support for roofing structures and can be used as purlins or truss systems in roof construction.
  3. Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities:
    • Factory Buildings: Utilized in the structural components of industrial buildings where exposure to harsh chemicals and environments is common.
    • Storage Systems: Forms the structural basis for heavy-duty racks and storage systems in warehouses and factories.
  4. Utility and Telecommunications:
    • Utility Towers: Integral to the construction of electric and communication towers, ensuring longevity even in harsh weather conditions.
    • Solar Panel Frames: Used in the frameworks that hold solar panels, offering stability and corrosion resistance to prolong the structure’s lifespan.
  5. Marine and Coastal Applications:
    • Harbor Structures: Essential for docks, wharfs, and other marine structures that require materials resistant to saltwater corrosion.
    • Offshore Platforms: Used in the construction of offshore drilling platforms and support structures in the oil and gas industry.
  6. Agricultural Applications:
    • Greenhouses and Farm Structures: Provides structural support for greenhouses and other agricultural buildings that face constant exposure to moisture and chemicals.
  7. Architectural and Public Works:

    • Public Facility Structures: Employed in the construction of sports arenas, stadiums, and public transportation shelters to withstand continuous public use and varying weather conditions.

Why Choose Ferrite’s Galvanized Angles?

Choosing Ferrite’s Galvanized Angles means opting for a product where quality and customer satisfaction are paramount. At Ferrite Structural Steels Pvt. Ltd., we are committed to delivering only the highest quality steel angles, enhanced with a superior galvanization process that ensures unmatched corrosion resistance and durability. Our advanced manufacturing techniques include state-of-the-art galvanizing facilities that adhere to strict quality controls, ensuring that every angle meets rigorous industry standards. 

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