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High Tensile Plates

Buy Top Quality High Tensile Plates at Ferrite Structural Steels Pvt Ltd. – India’s Leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter and Distributor of Steel Plates.

High Tensile Steel Plates are offered in a variety of thicknesses, lengths, dimensions, diameters, and more. The High Tensile Plates are steel plates known for their exceptional strength and improved formability and weldability. The High Yield Steel Plate demonstrates excellent resistance to atmospheric corrosion and possesses enhanced properties compared to traditional steel products. The demand for High Tensile Steel Plates is driven by several factors, including the ability to reduce the structural section by increasing high tensile steel material strength.

This reduction contributes to lower fabrication and erection costs. Integrating High Tensile Plates can also reduce the size of structural elements, making them ideal for creating aesthetically pleasing products. The strength of High Strength Steel Plates can be increased by adding elements like carbon and manganese to their chemical composition, although this may impact their fabricability.

Ferrite Structural Steels Pvt. Ltd., a leading High Tensile Plates manufacturer in India offers readily available stock that are utilized in various industries due to their excellent workability, formability, durability, installation, machinability, weldability, and fabrication properties. The Ultra-High Strength Steel Plate is lightweight and finds applications in various industries, including automobile manufacturing for trains, buses, trucks, and planes.

High Tensile Plates Specification

Product Name High Tensile plate
Brand Ferrite Structural Steels Pvt. Ltd.
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Ton
Material Stainless steel & Mild steel
Finish Hot-rolled, galvanized, or as specified by customer

Sizes and Weight

Plate thickness (mm) Weight (kg/m) kg/meter (width 1200mm) kg/meter (width 1500mm) kg/meter (width 1800mm) kg/meter (width 2400mm)
3 23.55 28.3 35.3 42.4 56.5
4 31.4 37.7 47.1 56.5 75.4
5 39.25 47.1 58.9 70.7 94.2
6 47.1 56.5 70.7 84.8 113
8 62.8 75.4 94.2 113 150.7
10 78.5 94 118 141 188
12 94.2 113 141 170 226
16 125.6 151 188 226 301
20 157 188 236 283 377
22 172.7 207 259 311 415
25 196.25 236 294 353 471
28 219.8 264 330 396 528
32 251.2 301 377 452 603
36 282.6 339 424 509 678
40 314 377 471 565 754
45 353.25 424 530 636 848
50 392.5 471 589 707 942
55 431.75 518 648 777 1036
60 471 565 707 848 1130
65 510 612 765 918 1224
70 549.5 659 824 989 1319
75 588.75 707 883 1060 1413
80 628 754 942 1130 1507
90 706.5 848 1060 1272 1696
100 785 942 1178 1413 1884

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Increased Strength: High tensile plates are designed to withstand higher stresses and loads, thanks to their high yield strength.
  2. Lightweight: Despite their strength, these plates are relatively lightweight, which helps reduce the overall weight of the structures and machines they are used in.
  3. Good Weldability and Formability: High tensile plates can be easily welded and formed into different shapes without compromising their structural integrity, offering flexibility in construction and manufacturing.
  4. Corrosion Resistance: Many high tensile plates are treated or alloyed to resist corrosion, making them suitable for outdoor use and in harsh environmental conditions.
  5. Cost Efficiency: Using high tensile plates can lead to cost savings as structures require less steel, reducing the material costs and also the costs associated with transportation and assembly.
  6. Safety: The strength of high tensile plates enhances the safety of structures by improving their ability to bear loads and resist environmental challenges.
  7. Environmental Impact: By reducing the amount of steel used in construction, high tensile plates contribute to lower emissions during manufacturing and transportation.

Applications of High Tensile plate

  1. Pre-Engineered Building: High Tensile Plates are commonly used in the construction of pre-engineered buildings due to their high strength and ability to withstand heavy loads.
  2. Infrastructure & Construction: These plates are utilized in the construction of bridges, highways, dams, and other infrastructure projects that require materials with high strength and durability.
  3. Railways: High Tensile Plates are employed in the railway industry for the manufacturing of rail tracks, locomotives, and rolling stock due to their excellent tensile strength and resistance to wear and tear.
  4. Hydro: In the hydroelectric power sector, High Tensile Plates are utilized for the construction of dams, penstocks, and turbines due to their high tensile strength and corrosion resistance.
  5. Solar: High Tensile Plates are used in the solar energy industry for the manufacturing of solar panel structures and support systems, ensuring stability and structural integrity.
  6. Wind: The wind energy sector utilizes High Tensile Plates for the production of wind turbine towers and other structural components due to their high strength-to-weight ratio and resistance to wind forces.
  7. Vehicles: High Tensile Plates are commonly employed in the automotive and transportation industries for the manufacturing of heavy-duty vehicles, trailers, and chassis components due to their high strength and impact resistance.

Why Choose Ferrite Steels?

Choosing Ferrite Structural Steels Pvt Ltd. for your High Tensile Plates ensures you receive top-quality products backed by our commitment to excellence. Our High Tensile Plates are manufactured from premium materials, providing exceptional strength, durability, and reliability for various applications. We offer a wide range of thicknesses, widths, and lengths to meet diverse project requirements, all while maintaining competitive pricing. With finishes like hot-rolled and galvanized, our High Tensile Plates are designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Trust Ferrite for consistent quality, exceptional service, and on-time delivery. Experience the Ferrite difference today—request a quote and let us help you with your project needs.

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