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Mild Steel Tee Angle

Buy Finest Quality MS Tee Angles at Ferrite Structural Steels Pvt Ltd. – India’s Leading Supplier, Manufacturer and Exporter of MS Angles.

Mild Steel Tee Angles are distinguished by their “T” shaped profile, offering a unique structural advantage due to their increased surface area and the ability to distribute loads efficiently across their axis. Crafted from mild steel, these angles are renowned for their ductility, weldability, and strength, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of structural applications. The properties of mild steel not only allow for easy modification and fabrication but also ensure robustness in structures that require both vertical and horizontal support. This versatility makes Tee Angles particularly suitable for complex engineering tasks where different dimensions of strength and support are required.

Ferrite Structural Steels Pvt. Ltd., as a leading manufacturer & supplier of high-quality steel products, provides a comprehensive range of structural solutions including MS T Angles. Our commitment to innovation and quality ensures that all our products meet stringent industry standards, making us a trusted partner in the construction and manufacturing sectors. At Ferrite, we are dedicated to delivering not only premium steel products but also tailored customer service and technical support, ensuring that every project achieves optimal outcomes. Whether your project is large or small, Ferrite offers the expertise and resources to meet your specific needs effectively and efficiently.

Mild Steel Tee Angle Specification

Product Name Mild Steel Tee Angles
Brand Ferrite Structural Steels Pvt. Ltd.
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Ton
Available Size 50X50X6, 65X65X6, 75X75X9 mm
Available Weight  0.390-2.864 kg/ft.
Thickness (mm) 6 mm
Manufacturing Method Hot Rolling
Finish Hot Dip Galvanized
Applications Construction framing, industrial shelving, machinery supports, architectural trim

Tee Angle Size Chart

Dimension Weight (kg/m) A=B (mm) t=t2 (mm) t r (mm)
T 20 x 20 x 2 0.902 20 3 2
T 20 x 20 x 4 1.172 20 4 2
T 25 x 25 x 3 1.142 25 3 2
T 25 x 25 x 3.5 1.322 25 3.5 2
T 25 x 25 x 4 1.492 25 4 2
T 30 x 30 x 3 1.383 30 3 2
T 30 x 30 x 4 1.813 30 4 2
T 30 x 30 x 5 2.213 30 5 2
T 35 x 35 x 3 1.623 35 3 2
T 35 x 35 x 4 2.133 35 4 2
T 35 x 35 x 5 2.613 35 5 2
T 40 x 40 x 3 1.864 40 3 2
T 40 x 40 x 4 2.434 40 4 2
T 40 x 40 x 5 3.004 40 5 2
T 40 x 40 x 6 3.574 40 6 2
T 45 x 45 x 3 2.104 45 3 2
T 45 x 45 x 4 2.774 45 4 2

Important Features and Benefits

  1. Structural Efficiency:
    • The “T” shape design of mild steel tee angles provides a unique structural advantage, allowing for effective load distribution and robust connection points which are crucial for complex structural assemblies.
  2. Versatility in Application:
    • These angles can be used in a diverse range of applications, from industrial frameworks and machinery supports to architectural details and furniture designs, offering flexibility in both construction and design.
  3. Ease of Installation:
    • The straightforward shape simplifies alignment and attachment processes, reducing labor costs and time during construction and fabrication.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness:
    • Mild steel is among the most economical of steel varieties, making tee angles a budget-friendly option for many projects without compromising on quality or performance.
  5. Adaptability to Various Finishes:
    • These angles can be easily galvanized, painted, or powder-coated to enhance their corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal, suiting different environmental conditions and design preferences.
  6. Recyclability:
    • Mild steel is fully recyclable, making mild steel tee angles an environmentally friendly choice that supports sustainable construction practices.

These features make mild steel tee angles a preferred choice for professionals in construction, manufacturing, and design industries, seeking reliable and efficient structural components.

Applications of MS Tee Angles

  1. Construction and Building:
    • Framing and Support: Used for framing interiors and exteriors, providing structural support around edges and corners where two surfaces meet.
    • Roofing and Flooring: Integral in roofing systems for edge support and floor joists to enhance rigidity and load-bearing capabilities.
    • Staircases and Railings: Forms the backbone of stair stringers and handrails, ensuring stability and strength.
  2. Industrial Applications:
    • Machinery Frames: Provides structural integrity in machinery, supporting the assembly and enhancing the framework’s stability.
    • Shelving and Storage Racks: Utilized in the construction of heavy-duty shelving and storage racks in warehouses and factories.
  3. Architectural Features:
    • Decorative Trims and Edgings: Often used for aesthetic enhancements in building facades, window frames, and interior design elements.
    • Structural Aesthetics: Adds structural and visual depth to architectural projects, both internally and externally.
  4. Infrastructure:
    • Bridges and Platforms: Employed in the construction of bridge frameworks and platforms, providing essential support and reinforcement.
    • Utility Structures: Used in utility structures like electricity pylons and water towers to ensure stability and longevity.
  5. Automotive and Transportation:
    • Vehicle Frames: Integral to the structural framework of heavy vehicles, contributing to the overall strength and durability.
    • Trailer Support: Forms part of the structural support system in trailers, enhancing load distribution and stability.

Why Choose Ferrite’s MS Tee Angles?

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