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Stainless Steel Equal Angle

Buy Premium Quality SS Equal Angles at Ferrite Structural Steels Pvt Ltd. – India’s Leading Supplier, Manufacturer and Exporter of Stainless-Steel Angles.

Stainless Steel Equal Angles are robust structural components characterized by their symmetrical “L” shape with two equal-length sides that meet at a precise 90-degree angle. These equal angles are crafted from high-quality stainless steel, which ensures a strong, corrosion-resistant structure that excels in both functionality and aesthetics. The equal length of the sides provides consistent structural support, ideal for applications requiring a balanced load-bearing capacity such as in building frameworks, trusses, and bracing systems. The inherent strength-to-weight ratio of stainless steel, combined with its adaptability to various fabrication and welding techniques, renders these angles extremely versatile across multiple sectors.

Ferrite Structural Steels Pvt. Ltd. stands as a leader in India’s steel supply industry, renowned for manufacturing and distributing top-tier steel products, including SS Equal Angles. Our commitment to maintaining high standards of quality, alongside a diverse product range and client-centric services, distinctly positions us in the market. We offer a variety of standard and bespoke sizes to accommodate a wide array of structural requirements, supported by professional advice and prompt delivery. Whether your project involves construction, infrastructure development, or industrial manufacturing, Ferrite Structural Steels provides the dependable steel solutions necessary to meet your precise specifications.

Stainless Steel Equal Angle Specification

Product Name Stainless Steel Equal Angles
Brand Ferrite Structural Steels Pvt. Ltd.
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Ton
Length 5-6 meters, 10-12 meters, or customized lengths.
Size Range (mm) 20 x 20 to 250 x 250
Thickness (mm) Varies based on size, typically between 3 and 25 mm
Manufacturing Method Automated hot rolling mills or laser welding lines
Finish Hot-rolled, galvanized, or customized
Applications Construction, fabrication, shipbuilding, bridge construction, transmission towers, industrial structures, heavy automobiles, scaffolding
Industries Construction, fabrication, shipyards, and more

Equal Angle Size Chart

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Symmetrical Shape for Balanced Structural Support: The symmetrical “L” shape of equal angles ensures uniform distribution of weight and force, providing balanced structural support for a wide range of applications.
  2. High Strength-to-Weight Ratio: Despite their relatively low weight, Stainless Steel equal angles possess significant strength, making them ideal for load-bearing frameworks and structural reinforcements.
  3. Versatile for Fabrication, Welding, and Machining: Stainless Steel is highly workable, which means these angles can be easily fabricated, welded, or machined to create custom structures or components tailored to your needs.
  4. Corrosion-Resistant Options for Extended Lifespan: To improve durability, Stainless Steel equal angles can be galvanized or treated to resist corrosion, significantly increasing their lifespan in harsh environmental conditions.
  5. Cost-Effective Due to Stainless Steel’s Affordability: As Stainless Steel is readily available and economical, equal angles provide an affordable structural solution without sacrificing quality or performance.

These features ensure that equal angle bar remain a reliable, practical, and versatile choice across various industries and applications.

Applications of Stainless Steel Equal Angles

  1. Construction and Infrastructure:
    • Building Frames and Structures: Used for building frameworks, columns, and trusses due to their balanced load distribution and structural strength.
    • Bracing and Reinforcement: Ideal for cross-bracing, reinforcing structural integrity, and preventing sway in buildings and bridges.
  2. Industrial Equipment Manufacturing:
    • Machinery Frames: Provides support structures for heavy machinery and manufacturing equipment.
    • Conveyor Systems: Structural support for conveyors in industrial production lines.
  3. Power Transmission and Communication Towers:
    • Towers and Poles: Structural support for high-voltage power lines and communication antennas due to their ability to withstand environmental stress.
  4. Automotive and Transportation:
    • Vehicle Chassis: Creates frameworks for commercial vehicles, trailers, and railways.
    • Support Structures: Structural racks and towing systems for commercial trucks and trailers.
  5. Shipbuilding and Marine Structures:
    • Ship Frames: Structural reinforcement for hulls and internal shipbuilding frameworks.
    • Marine Applications: Ideal for offshore platforms and dock construction.
  6. General Fabrication and Modular Structures:

Customized Fabrication Projects: Perfect for building custom structures like modular sheds, scaffolding, storage racks, and temporary buildings.

Why Choose Ferrite’s SS Equal Angles?

Ferrite Structural Steels Pvt. Ltd. stands out for its unwavering commitment to quality, offering high-grade Stainless Steel equal angles that meet rigorous standards. With competitive pricing and a customer-centric approach, we ensure that you receive the best value for your investment. Our extensive inventory, covering a broad range of sizes and finishes, means that we can supply what you need quickly and efficiently. 

Looking to find the perfect Stainless Steel equal angles for your project? Reach out to Ferrite Structural Steels Pvt. Ltd. today for a detailed quote or personalized advice on selecting the best products for your structural needs. 

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